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Can you really afford a trip to Italy next year?

When money is tight, the last thing you want to hear is someone planning the trip of a lifetime to a budgetingMediterranean location.  If you’re like most people, you end up dreaming of the day when you can actually afford to go on a picturesque Italian vacation – or, fit it into your schedule.  But, this perspective is laced with a hint of deception. Yes, on one hand it costs money to travel, but on the other hand, most people (without knowing it) can travel through Italy on a shoestring budget. I find that most people don’t know where to start cutting costs in their budget, and mostly assume the trip will cost far more than their budget allows, in the first place.  There are five guiding questions that can help you better calculate the cost of a trip.  If you address each one of these questions it can dictate how much money you will save, and ultimately make the difference in affording a trip to Italy.

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