5 Reasons Why Sorrento Will Turn You into a Food Lover


This is a guest post written by Mary Johnson. She started her expat experience in Germany where she completed her bachelor’s degree in language. She spent time living in Spain before landing in Italy, where she is currently exploring the expat life. If you want to connect with Mary, you can follow her on Twitter.

Sorrento is the jewel of the Italian coast. It’s an idyllic coastal retreat, clinging to the Amalfi cliffs – surrounded by inviting waters, full of warm-hearted locals and brimming with food that will take your taste buds on a heavenly gastronomic journey.

Here are five reasons why Sorrento will make you fall in love with food all over again.

  1. Pastry excellence. Only excellence will suffice for Sorrento’s world class pastry makers. For a quick bite to eat, sample Sfothe classic pastry dishes including for example the sfogliatella (my favorite one, filled with ricotta and caramelized fruits) and a ricotta and pear cake. If you haven’t already fallen head over heels in love with Sorrento’s food, these delicious cakes will seal the deal.  Nearby Naples maybe the birth place of many of Italy’s tasty pastry treats but Sorrento has adopted- and kept to a traditional recipe- of many yummy light bites.
  2. So you think you know pizza? Pizza in Sorrento should come with a warning – once tasted, pizzano pizza will be able to compare. Feast on pizzas handcrafted the traditional way with local mozzarella, marinated vegetables and cured meats expertly created by Sorrento’s master pizzaiolos. Accompanied with sweeping coastal vistas that include Mt Vesuvius and Naples (the very city that created the pizza itself, and in Sorrento you’ll find nothing but the original pizza from Naples), the humble food that you know and love is transformed into a new and exciting meal that dances across your pallet. Take the classic Margherita pizza, you can’t miss out on it!
  3. Get fruity.  The people of Sorrento have a real zest for life. And it’s not surprising considering how much lemon they lemon
    consume! Whether you sample mozzarella grilled on lemon leaves or squid drizzled with lemon you will soon realise that the lemons you see growing across the town are a way of life and, boy, once you taste their juicy pulp you’ll be delighted they are. No stay in Sorrento is complete without a lemon infused dish or two with the zesty fruit adding life to any dish. You won’t find a tastier lemon sorbet in the Mediterranean or fresher delizia al limone in all of Italy. Plus, for those of you who like a tipple the Sorrento lemons make a delicious limoncello. Also, there is a kind of liquor you nearly won’t be able to find anymore if you travel versus north Italy (which for Sorrento locals regarding the food begins right after Naples): the meloncello! I completely fell in love with this fruity liquor, made of melons instead of lemons. It’s definitely the right thing for people who like sweet drinks.
  4. A seafood wonderland. If seafood is what sets your stomach rumbling then Sorrento has you covered. Seafood salads muslespacked with octopus, squid and salmon or fresh seafood spaghetti filled with scrumptious shellfish caught along the nearby coast await you. The family run restaurants stretch back generations- and so do their recipes. Mussels are everywhere in Sorrento – ably supported by a concoction of black pepper, olive oil and, of course, a splash of lemon. Or, of course, in combination with pasta and venus clams, often called “pasta allo scoglio”. For fish addicts, Sorrento offers a special event every year in october: the “Sagra del pesce azzurro”, the festival of the blue fish. Usually, for tasting the fresh fish dishes one spends less than usual, the prices have to be affordable for everyone. Also in October, another sagra is taking place in Sorrento: the “Sagra dell’uva”, means the grape festival. So if you are planning to head to Sorrento during that period you should think about choosing an accommodation early, take a look online, for example at Venere.com. Sorrento is not a big city, and a lot of visitors will be there.
  5. Mouth-watering gelato.  Italy is famed throughout the world for its delicious gelato. Always open till late, Sorrento’s gelato shops burst with flavors. Only the best local ingredients are sourced to provide you with a sweet, authentic taste of life on the Sorrentine Peninsula. Combine flavors to ignite your taste buds. As always in Sorrento, the lemon flavored gelato and sorbet are favorites with locals and visitors alike.

So there you have it, five undisputable reasons why Sorrento will make you fall in love with food. Your only problem is that once you sample all what Sorrento has to offer- you and your taste buds will never want to leave!

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