4 Italian Travel Question to Ask Me on Twitter

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There is no doubt that there are many questions and unknowns when traveling to another country. With an abundance of content available often time the little things keep people from branching out. The gap between following your gut and a successful trip is often a risk that destroys peace of mindIf there ever was a time to need a direct line to someone who has been there done that, it’s now.

I want to answer your Italian travel questions. Below are several of the most commonly asked questions I get asked before a trip and I’m happy to answer them for you.
  • What cities should I visit?
  • Where is a good hotel or hostel?
  • Where is a good restaurant?
  • I have one week, where should I go?
I have been traveling throughout Italy for well over a decade and these questions always come up. If you would like answers to the questions above (or any other travel questions), please tweet your questions to @andrewpaulstone.
Question of the day: What methods/resources do you use to research your vacations and travel plans?
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