3 Places in Rome to Ring-in the New Year

Rome New Years Map
As this year comes to an end, there are endless parties, people to see, and mile stones to reflect on. Celebrations all around the world are about to take place. For those of my friends who are celebrating new year’s in Rome, there are three spots I recommend you see before it hits midnight.

  1. Villa Borghese Gardens:  Where the southeast corner at the end of the Villa Borghese meets the Piazze del Popolo, there is a buff that looks out over the eternal city. It’s one of the best views anywhere and one of the least crowded spots to see Rome at its finest.
  2. Ponte Sant’ Angelo:  The iconic bridge that stares down the barrel of Castello Sant’ Angelo is one of the most undervalued places to see in Rome at night. There is an amazing view of not only the castle but the vatican and city center of Rome from the middle of the bridge. There is nothing like seeing fire works reflect off the river Tevere with the city skyline as a back drop.
  3. Basilica di San Sabina:  Tucked behind the Circo Massimo there is a small park that sits next to the Basilica di San Sabrina atop one of the seven hills. Often closed once the sun goes down, this is a great spot to see the city with very few tourists beside you. Hands down one of my favorite views of the city.
Where ever you are celebrating tonight, I hope you have a blast as you counting down to the new year.
Question of the day: How are you celebrating new year’s eve this year? (Please leave your responses in the comment section below.)
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