The Top Things Not to Wear While Traveling

The notion that there are so many poorly dressed people who travel internationally, is sad, but true.  There is a reason why stereotypes exist.  The term “ugly American” didn’t just come out of thin air.  The following are things I hope to never see again by people, especially my country men, while traveling internationally. If I offend you; I’m sorry.  I think I speak for many who travel when I say the following.

  • Hawaiian print.  Keep the flowers at home!  Until Dolce & Gabbana comes out with its Hawaiian Collection; please, please, please do not bring your bright Hawaiian prints to Italy – or anywhere internationally, for that matter. The only exception is if, and only if, you are traveling to the islands, or somewhere tropical.
  • Political t-shirts.  I’m very patriotic and proud of my country and its leaders.  However, a few years ago, I saw a man in Roma who wore a T-shirt with Obama’s Face front and center, with big letters that read “yes we can.” Regardless what you, or others, think of Obama, you never know what message you are sending.  Remember we are visitors in someone else’s country. When you travel, make the best effort to be at peace with those you interact with.  A t-shirt like that could throw gas on an already well lit fire.
  • Tank Tops.  I know the Italian climate, especially in the summer, can be extremely hot.  Please refrain from wearing tank tops as you walk around in public.  Men and women both.
  • Florescent colors.  I know 80s fashion has come back, Lord knows why, and some Italians might have even jumped on board. For the most part is laud and annoying.  It will mark you as a tourist; can attract unwanted guests.
  • Backpacks, pockets, cameras.  Let’s be realistic you need a day pack to carry stuff around throughout the day.  Just make sure you are conscious of the things you take with you.  Pick pockets in Italy are professionals.  Pockets, if I see another person with a passport, plane/train ticket, or other important paper work in the from shirt pocket of anyone will still it myself.  Not really but those who think their front shirt pocket is the Ft. Knocks compartments, I want to spit, crew, and scream! It’s such an easy target; don’t fall victim. When not in use keep cameras in a safe place out of sight.

These are a few of the things that have caught my eye as I started to pack this week.  I’m sure there are more.  If you have any personal fashion red flags, feel free to post them in the comment section below.

* Photo above was taken from the Google image search: “redneck horseshoes”

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