Pit stop, Roma

When traveling, the process can take its toll.  Every trip I’m plagued with very little sleep, poor airplane food, and little patience.  It seems when arriving at your destination you’re depleted of all three.  In January arrived in Rome late in the afternoon – around 7pm.  As I stepped off the train I only wanted three things:  To check in to my hotel, drop off my backpack – which had been weighing me down the past 8 hours, and eat a big plate of pasta.  The hotel my colleague booked for us was a 10 min walk from the Termini Station – typical for most hotels in the area.   After we checked in and dropped my bags in the room, I began to stagger toward front door of the hotel.  On the way out I asked the man at the door if he had any favorite restaurants in the area.  He said I must try Meid in Nepols.  This restaurant is a great find.  I recommend it to anyone traveling through Roma, or anyone just wanting to grab a bite close to the train station.  The prices are affordable; €6 – €10 for a pizza, €9 – €12 euro for a good plate of pasta.  The quality is just as good as expensive restaurants in the center of town.

Restaurant Recommendation:  Meid in Nepols

My Restaurant Score:  93/100 pts.

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