As we start heading out of March and into April, it’s officially the start of “pre-vacation” season. Most people are planning vacations, or have already planned them, and are buying ticket, reserving hotels, tours, etc. Florence is often times on peoples travel bucket lists. Since my first time to this city, this past January, the visit compelled me to write about recommendations. So often, when traveling, we feel rushed as to not “miss anything” within these once in a life time cities. Time is often limited as we feel the need to get the best bang for our travel buck. Case in point, yesterday morning’s online edition of The Wall Street Journal covered sights to see when traveling to Firenze. It seems everyone wants to be dreaming of Italia.

Firenze has great country food, but it can be expensive. If you want to eat well without spending too much, don’t eat ever meal out! It’s easy to simply, sit at a restaurant, when you are hot, tired, dehydrated, and hungry. Buy food in the local markets, or grocery stores, will tide you over until your big restaurant meal of the day.

Markets/Grocery Stores
Despar Supermercato
Piazza di San Lorenzo, 20-red,
Firenze 50123

Supermercato Sma
Via Alessandro Allori, 9,
Firenze, 50127

Mercato Centrale
Via dell’Ariento
50123 Firenze

Most people I speak with have 2 to 3 day in Firenze, I recommend you must see the following …
Il Duomo – Costs 7 EURO walk to the top of the copola. It is well worth it if you can physically handle the walk.
Ponte Vecchio – World famous bridge that crosses the Arno river. Absorb the culture of the city as you walk to and from the bridge.

I stayed at the great bed & breakfast within walking distance of the train station and the Duomo called Soggiorno Magliani. An excellent place to stay, inexpensive, and has an extremely knowledgeable and friendly staff.

Soggiorno Magliani
Via Santa Reparata, 1
Florence, Italy, 50129

Firenze seems to be the city that most English speaking people like to visit. So, If you are looking for an off the beaten path kind of tour, this is not it, however, it’s a great place to see some classic Italian country. I will return in due time.

Do you have a favorite restaurant in Firenze?

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