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Kick off 2011: Italy

I am making my preparations for my first trip to Italy this year!  — Can I get a what what!  As I have been diving into where I am going two things have hit me.  One there are so many place to go.  And two, there are so many places to drink good wine! Lets cut to the case.

City Review —

Florence:  For most americans Florence is the italian mecca. Most people when the picture Italian living in their minds they think of nothing less. Even though I have avoided florence in my travels I will be making my first stop there on this up coming trip.

Recommend — If you are a wine drinker, as I am,  you have to try a bottle of Brunello di Montalcino.  It’s a must for any wine lover.  It is my favorite wine right now, regardless of the high price tag.

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